Since the early years of the 16th century there are documented testimonies of the existence of the first modest houses in the Plaza Mayor of Trujillo. In addition to the majestic Church of San Martín de Tours in our featured photo, and next to these buildings are other private constructions of two or three floors with arcades made up of semicircular arches on pillars. These arcades, called portals of Bread, Vegetables, Meat, …, indicate the commercial activities that were held here. Such was the importance of these activities, that in 1465 Enrique IV granted “Mercado Franco” to be celebrated every Thursdays of the year.

Among these popular constructions, noble buildings are interspersed until finally configuring the so-called public square or the suburb of San Martín in the center of which stood the “Rollo” or “Picota”, today located on the outskirts. Finally, in 1929, the square was decorated with the equestrian statue of Francisco Pizarro, donated by the widow of the American sculptor C. Rumsey.

The noble buildings that we can find in the square are:

  1. Palace of the Conquest.
  2. Old Town Hall.
  3. Palace of Juan Pizarro de Orellana.
  4. Quintanilla Palace or Casa del Peso Real.
  5. Palace of the Chaves and Sotomayor.
  6. Rectoral house of the parish of San Martin.
  7. House of the chain or of the Chaves and Orellana.
  8. Palace of the Dukes of San Carlos.
  9. Palace of Piedras Albas.
  10. Palace of the Marquis of Santa Marta.

Today, in a good part of the square there are bars and restaurants, as well as the tourist information office and other shops for tourits.

Texts by: José Antonio Ramos Rubio y Juan Antonio Diez Arnal.