Cheese lovers, like us, are lucky. The long-awaited Trujillo National Cheese Fair has finally arrived. This year it will be from April 29 to May 2 and it brings news. You will find the most important artisan cheeses at the national level, the perfect excuse to come and pass this bridge to Trujillo.

Just 2 hours from Madrid on the A5 motorway, you arrive directly in Trujillo. Stay in any of our houses, 10 minutes from the town and enjoy 4 days of the best and most varied cheeses in the world. Not in vain do they have international recognition and awards. The Trujillo National Cheese Fair is the largest concentration of cheeses in the world, and is held annually, always including the May bridge.

It takes place in the Plaza Mayor of Trujillo, so it is convenient to leave the car on the outskirts and walk up. From any point on the outskirts of the city, the Plaza Mayor is a 10-minute walk away and you can’t miss it. When you arrive at the square, fifty cheese and wine sales stands await you where you can taste hundreds of varieties of cheese. Among the activities this year there will be a cheese contest, workshops, markets, craft exhibitions and bullfights.

In addition to the traditional awards for soft and hard pasta in the 2 varieties, sheep and goat, this year we have an innovation award as a novelty, with a popular jury that will evaluate new varieties of cheese outside the traditional artisan format, such as mixtures of cheese with truffle, herbs or fruits, among others. There will also be a new denomination of origin, “Queso de Acehúche”, which joins the denominations of origin of Extremadura:

  • Torta del Casar
  • Queso de la Serena
  • Queso de los Ibores
  • Queso de Acehúche

The tasting contest will not be missing, which will take place on May 1, in the modalities of soft and hard cheese, sheep and goat cheese and will be open to the public in the Church of La Merced, on the corner of Francisco Street Pizarro. Also, as invited autonomous communities will be: Galicia, with the denomination of origin “Queso de Arzúa”, and País Vasco, with the denomination “Queso de Idiazabal”. There will also be other communities with a wide representation of products. By the way, there will be Portuguese cheeses.

This year some 200,000 visitors are expected and it is usually difficult to eat in bars and restaurants. If you want the advice from a local, I can tell you what I do every year this weekend.

  • I get up early and go buy bread at the Vienna Bakery.
  • Around 12 noon I go up to the square and buy local wine.
  • I walk the fair to identify the first prizes of the previous year.
  • When I have them identified, I buy wedges of cheese from the 4 prizes.
  • I go to the country and prepare a good table of bread, cheese and wine.
  • The next day I do the same, but with other varieties of cheese.


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