This land is the size of The Netherlands with a tenth of their population. You can only understand this if you see our Dehesas with your own eyes.

  • Valle del Jerte Rural

The Cherry Blossom 2022

By |2022-04-10T12:43:29+02:00April 10th, 2022|General-English, Nature|

The Cherry Blossom, more than an explosion of nature, reflects the future of the Valle del Jerte region, in Cáceres. Just an hour's drive from [...]

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  • Gallina Extremeña Azul

The Extremenian Hen

By |2022-02-06T12:54:17+02:00February 6th, 2022|Nature|

The Gallina Extremeña Azul (extremenian blue hen) is an ancient breed with dual aptitude. It is currently recognized as a Native Breed in Danger of [...]

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  • Estrellas en Trujillo

Extremadura – Good Evening

By |2022-02-06T12:29:34+02:00February 6th, 2022|Nature|

Enjoy 3 privileged places in our region - and very close to us! Montánchez - Monfragüe  - Garciaz Our region wakes up at dusk. At [...]

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  • Ruta de los Miradores

Monfragüe Viewpoints

By |2021-05-31T09:41:33+02:00May 29th, 2021|General-English, Nature|

Visiting Monfragüe is not complicated. It has few roads with good signaling. There is only one small town; Villarreal de San Carlos, which is [...]

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  • Risco de San Gregorio

San Gregorio Crag

By |2021-06-12T19:19:49+02:00May 29th, 2021|General-English, Nature|

Between the towns of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and El Puerto de Santa Cruz rises the interesting Risco de San Gregorio, an elevation [...]

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