Enjoy 3 privileged places in our region – and very close to us!

Montánchez – Monfragüe  – Garciaz

Our region wakes up at dusk. At that moment our senses sharpen and we feel our surroundings rediscovering scents and sounds in a privileged environment where the celestial landscape appears as in few places on the planet. We have one of the best skies with the least light pollution in Europe and a large part of the year with excellent atmospheric conditions which make our region a paradise where astronomy lovers can enjoy the wonders of the Extremaduran sky.

Extremadura is recognized by the European Stars4All project, as well as several Starlight certificates that guarantee the excellent conditions of our night skies and accredit the region as a perfect place for star tourism. Take a look at these references, where you can see more details:

In Extremadura the night allows you to live unique experiences and sensations. Our land combines nature, history, culture and gastronomy. Just sit in the night and gaze at the stars…it’s magical!

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