The Cherry Blossom, more than an explosion of nature, reflects the future of the Valle del Jerte region, in Cáceres. Just an hour’s drive from our accommodation, you can visit a popular celebration with a multitude of activities that show you this culture, gastronomy and traditions. Many places (cellars, presses, forges) open their doors to show what life was like many years ago. All to celebrate the arrival of spring.

As a natural setting, this festival has more than a million and a half registered trees arranged on terraces that take advantage of their cultivation and that hatch in white to provide a culinary treasure highly appreciated throughout the world. The entire valley is covered in a spectacular blanket of white that delights visitors from as far away as Japan and China.

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The ideal way to see the flowering is to take a tour of all the towns that make up the Valle del Jerte, so you can enjoy different perspectives. But you have to keep in mind that, normally, not all the cherry trees bloom at the same time, but rather those in the lower areas, at a lower altitude, bloom first, and as the days go by, the rest of the cherry trees bloom. of zones, ending the flowering of the coldest or highest altitude zones.

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