Since our arrival in Extremadura in 2004 we consider important working as a group and so we are committed to an association such as Trujillo Rural, as founding partners. Working as an individual accommodation is not the same as working with other accommodations, both in the promotion of our region and in the participation in national or international fairs.

All these years in the association we have managed to reach various types of clients, not only in Spain but also in Europe, the United States or Australia, among others. We have participated as an association in the social development of the region as part of the board of directors of Adicomt, we have participated in projects of the “Diputación de Cáceres” and projects of the “Tourism Directorate of the Junta de Extremadura”.

Feria internacional

We consider essential the protection of the rural environment and the enhancement of the cultural, artisanal and natural heritage of Extremadura.