Every year Trujillo is a must-visit place for cattle ranchers from all over Spain. This year, the 37th Agro-Livestock Fair was held from 18th to 21th November. With more than a thousand heads of excellent quality cattle, sheep and cattle auctions, exhibitions and other parallel activities have been held. In this edition we have been able to attend the following events:

– Opening ceremony and welcome in the assembly hall.
– National Beef Cattle Auction in 2 modalities, in person and online.
– Morphological Contest of Cattle and Sheep.
– Hall of Quality Meat. Every day the best recipes of native meat.
– 4 salons of Charolé, Retinto, Avileña and Limousine Cattle.
– Horse salon and exhibitions in the hippodrome salon.
– Sheep Cattle Salon.
– Goat Cattle Salon.
– Hall of the Extremenian Chicken and Fighting Roosters.
– Bird Hall and morphological contest.
– Numerous exhibitors, companies and organizations.
– Exhibition of professional vehicles for work in the fields.
– Exhibition of cars.

Here are some photos from this year 2021: