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  • Semana Santa Trujillana

    The Origins of the Holy Week in Trujillo

    Holy Week has been celebrated in Trujillo since the 7th century. At that time, it only consisted of the contemplation of the mysteries of the Passion. Later, with the reconquest of the city in 1233, a military order called "The Knights of the Order of [...]

  • Finca El Recuerdo

    Claudia & Martin – 2022

    Since our arrival in Extremadura in 2004 we consider important working as a group and so we are committed to an association such as Trujillo Rural, as founding partners. Working as an individual accommodation is not the same as working with other accommodations, both in [...]

  • Festival de la Historia

    Festival of History – 2022

    Come and stay with us in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. See how he prepares this weekend. Everything is ready for one of its most important annual events: The Festival of History, which includes its 3rd international archeology conference, as well as a medieval market. [...]

  • Feria del Queso Trujillo

    National Cheese Fair – 2022

    Cheese lovers, like us, are lucky. The long-awaited Trujillo National Cheese Fair has finally arrived. This year it will be from April 29 to May 2 and it brings news. You will find the most important artisan cheeses at the national level, the perfect excuse [...]

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