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  • Ruta de los Miradores

    Monfragüe Viewpoints

    Visiting Monfragüe is not complicated. It has few roads with good signaling. There is only one small town; Villarreal de San Carlos, which is a district of the town of Serradilla. Villarreal is home to the park's visitor and interpretation centers. The park has [...]

  • Monasterio de Guadalupe

    Royal Monastery of Guadalupe

    Guadalupe is the name of a small river, an illustrious black Virgin that appeared at the end of the 13th century, a town in Cáceres and, of course, a famous sanctuary, located in the Sierra de Las Villuercas, province of Cáceres, in the land [...]

  • Castillo de Trujillo

    The Trujillo Alcazaba

    Watchful over the hill "Cabeza de Zorro", (517 ms over sea-level) dominating the entire surrounding plains, is the medieval Alcazaba of Trujillo, from which the city walls start. From the top of the Alcazaba ("el castillo", for the friends) you can see all the [...]

  • Mérida

    Mérida – Roman/Visigoth/Árabic

    A melting pot of cultures and civilizations have been present in these lands. However, the greatest impact, without a doubt, was caused by the Roman Empire. You just have to take a walk through the city center to see first-hand what we are talking [...]

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